Bali Wedding Cinematography in 4K Ultra HD.

4K Wedding VideoWhy you need 4K Ultra HD video?

In the past when DVD rom just founded, everyone felt DVD was the best mass production video media. Just few years after, Bluray came with Full HD (1080p) and yes it became the best mass production video media at the moment.
Now, the technology of high end video cameras could be up to 8K (rare models and must be very very expensive video camera) or mostly up to 4K video resolutions (still expensive, but not as crazy price as 8K video camera).

4K UHD will be a good investment for future viewing purpose, especially for wedding video. You may view your video still in clear and full of details even in 10 years in the future. We believed in the next few years Full HD (1080p) Bluray will face the same story as DVDs.


How the different between 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) and Full HD (1080p)?

Just make it easy to understand that 4K Ultra HD has 4 times bigger in size compare to Full HD. It means sharper and more details of image/video. You need 4K TV to see how the amazing details of your video. Yes, 4K TV still expensive right now, but it will become cheaper in the near future. It happened to Full HD (1080p) TV which cost thousands of $$$ when just introduced to the market and now HD TV just a common family TV in affordable price.


How do you deliver the 4K UHD result?

Since 4K still a new technology and the format of 4K Bluray haven’t fixed yet, we will deliver the result in USB3.0 hard drive MP4 format.


Does it cost more when we want 4K UHD wedding video?

Absolutely yes, but we will charge in very affordable way ^^
There are a lot of reasons why we need the additional charges
-. More expensive camera and other supporting equipment for 4K recording.
-. More expensive media/memory for 4K UHD video recording due it need very fast and reliable one.
128GB fast memory (CF) only run in minutes and for cinematography purpose we need minimum 3 cameras record at the same time especially during wedding ceremony and speech. So the RAW video materials from a single wedding will be easily exceed 1TB of data. Once again please read carefully one terra bytes data of RAW footages. It will consume a lot of memory  and time to copy it.
-. Again after the wedding day then we need to store the data in our computer/server. Another problem will come, we need more hard disks to keep it all.
-. 4K UHD video does not like cheap computers. It can’t be edit in just low-mid specs computers.
-. Longer time in video editing. 4K UHD video takes 3-4 times longer in rendering and exporting.

We charge the additional upgrade to 4K video in fixed amount per daily basis. For example, the additional surcharge will be the same whether you take 7 hours or 10 hours package. However, if you take the video package of 2 or more days then please contact us to calculate a custom price.


Can we ask SDE (same day edit) in 4K?

I am sorry to tell you that we can’t do SDE in 4K yet due to long post processing time. If you need SDE please take our regular package in Full HD 1080p resolutions. We will update our 4K SDE supporting equipment as soon as its ready in the market.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry about Bali Wedding Cinematography.